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What is the serial port Pinout of CAN1 and CAN 2 located on the MBB200C?

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The MBB200C has two separate CAN connections used for connecting to a NMEA2000 network. Use single NMEA2000 connection for a single vessels NMEA2000 network or both connections if you have installed two indapendant NMEA2000 networks you want to display data from on an MBB200C. The MBB200C is supplied with a single NMEA2000 network cable. It is possible to make a second NMEA2000 cable for the MBB200C if one is not available for purchase.

**Having a second connection allows the MBB200C the ability to receive NMEA2000 data from two separate networks for simultaneous monitoring however, data from the two separate networks does not bridge through an MBB200C.

Study the two serial ports available on the MBB200C the ports show a CAN1 and CAN2 label. Figure 1 shows the Pinout for the connector specifically the location of CANH "+" Pin #7 and CANL"-" Pin#2.

Constructing the DB9 connection to the MBB200C from the NMEA2000 micro C style connection requires three major components or parts.

1. bulk micro or mid cabling (max 20’) use N2KBuilder for precise load calculations.

2. a FA-CM-ST (Field Make-able Connector)

3. Field DB9 connector (Make-able)

Making the cable:

- Strip the micro/mid cable to expose the White, Blue and Black wire. Cut and secure red and bare wire. 

- Solder/Connect the White wire to the pin #7 of the connector Blue to Pin #2 and Black to Pin  #3.

- Install the three wires Field Make-able Connector follow supplied instructions or color codes located on the surface of the connectors terminal connections. 

Now you are ready to connect the MBB200C to your second NMEA2000 network.


 A MBB200C can monitor two separate NMEA2000 networks as shown in figure 3.


What is the serial port Pinout of CAN1 and CAN 2 located on the MBB200C?

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