MBB100 / DSM800 Update Instructions



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Automatic Updates. 1

Manual Update to the Latest Version of N2KView.. 2

Manual Update of the Complete Operating System.. 3


Automatic Updates

In a system where the MBB100 or DSM800 has internet access, if the “Allow Automatic Updates” check box in the Configuration Dialog is checked, the system will automatically check for updates on startup, and prompt the user to the install the updates.

This should be the normal practice, and the rest of this document is not applicable.


Manual Update to the Latest Version of N2KView

Where the installation of the MBB100 or DSM800 does not have internet access, a manual update will be required on a periodic basis to ensure that the latest version of N2KView is installed.

These are instructions to create a USB memory stick that will update N2KView on a MBB100 or DSM800.


Download the following file and unzip the contents to the root directory of a USB memory stick.

www.maretron.com/files/N2KView/Maretron N2KView BlackBox 4.0.8.zip

The following files should be present on the root of the USB drive after the unzipping.

www.maretron.com/files/N2KView/Maretron N2KView BlackBox



With the N2KView running, plug the USB memory stick into the MBB100 or DSM800. Within a few seconds, you will see a window pop up asking if you want to upgrade. Follow the instructions.

If you do not see this message, you may already have the latest software installed. Pressing F12 should show the following messages:

Checking for update on USB drive ….

Received update-descriptor from USB, new version = …. , current version = ……

Comparing the new and current versions will tell you if you are up to date.

If the second message is not displayed, the xml file that you downloaded was not found in the root directory of the USB memory stick


Note that the MBB100 or DSM800 will do an automatic restart 5 minutes after this process is started. This is necessary.


Manual Update of the Complete Operating System

These are the instructions to create a USB stick that will do the complete update of the OS on a MBB100 or DSM800. In normal operation this should not be required; please contact support@maretron.com before doing this to confirm that this action is really necessary.

This image will create N2KView version 4.0.3 on your MBB100 or DSM800.  If there is a later version of N2KView available, and you have internet access, you will be prompted to upgrade to the latest version of N2KView.


Do the next steps on your PC.

Download the file www.maretron.com/files/N2KView/N2KView MBB DSM Image 4.0.3.zip   to your computer.  It’s a big file and will probably take over an hour to download.

Get a new USB drive, at least 2GB in size.   Insert the new USB drive into your computer.

Format the USB drive with a FAT32 file system

Right click on the drive letter and choose Format …

Unzip the contents of the zip file you downloaded in step 1 to the flash drive

Navigate to the directory \utils\win32 on the USB flash drive

Make sure that you are on the USB Flash drive and double click on makeboot.bat. This will run a program to make the USB flash drive bootable.

Eject the flash drive – you are now ready to install the new software on the MBB100 or DSM800



The next steps are done on the MBB100 or DSM800

Make sure that the configuration in use has been backed up – either on the IPG100 or on a USB Flash drive.  We will be completely erasing the disk on the MB100 or DSM800

Switch the MBB100 off.

Plug the new USB flash drive into the MBB100 or DSM800, and a USB keyboard

Power on the MBB100 and repeatedly press the “Del” key as soon as the BIOS splash screen appears; this should put you into the BIOS settings screen. This can be a bit tricky.  Keep pressing the key until the beep sound from the DSM800 changes in pitch or the BIOS screen appears.

Using the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard, select the Boot menu at the top of the screen.

Using the up and down arrow keys, select the Hard Disk Drives sub-menu. Press Enter to display the Boot Hard Disk Drives screen.

Using the up and down arrow keys, highlight the 1st Drive and press “Enter” to display the options menu.  Using the up and down arrow keys, elect the USB option corresponding to the new USB flash drive and press “Enter”.

Press F10 to Save Changes and Exit to save the changes and restart the computer. Press “Enter” when OK is highlighted to confirm the action.

The computer should boot to a blue Maretron Screen

Press the Enter key to continue (this will happen automatically if you wait more than 30 seconds)

After several seconds of system messages scrolling by, the prompt “Are you sure you want to continue?” appears at the bottom of the screen:

You must type “y” and press the ENTER key to proceed.

A second prompt will ask you to confirm the update again as the following screen shows:

The restore of the software image begins next. The following two screens show the beginning and end of the process:

When the image restore is completed and verified, a final prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen:

Press the 0 key and then ENTER key to power down the system.

Remove the USB flash drive.

 Power on the MBB100 / DSM800, restore the previously backed up settings and verify that the new N2KView software functions as expected.