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  1. What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron GPS200? What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron GPS200?Update your device today using the N2KAnalyzer software tool.** Older models may not update via the N2KAnalyzer and require to be sent to Maretron for an update. Submit an RMA request via ... Read More
  2. Which Maretron products are required for me to display true wind referenced to ground speed? In order to display true wind referenced to ground speed you will need a WSO100, a GPS200, a SSC200, and a display capable of computing true wind referenced to ground speed. The WSO100 measures the apparent wind while the GPS200 provides Speed Over G... Read More
  3. Which Maretron products are necessary in order to display ground wind? Several Maretron products are necessary in order to display ground wind. You will need a SSC200 compass, WSO100, and a GPS200.... Read More
  4. Why doesn’t the SSC200 compass transmit true heading? The SSC200 is a magnetic compass, which means that it measures the direction of Earth's magnetic field relative to the magnetic poles (magnetic heading). This is different than a gyrocompass, which measures heading relative to the Earth's r... Read More
  5. I navigate using true heading and not magnetic heading; how do I use the SSC200 compass and N2KView software to view my heading in true? The SSC200 compass outputs heading information in magnetic form and before N2KView can display true heading, the variation must be known. One source of variation is the Maretron GPS antenna/receiver (GPS200). If an SSC200 and GPS200 are connected tog... Read More
  6. What is magnetic variation? The difference in direction between the magnetic North pole (magnetic North) and the direction to the Earth's rotational North pole (true North) is referred to as variation. Variation changes depending where you are on the Earth and can be obtai... Read More
  7. What sensors does Maretron recommend for basic navigation? A standard Maretron NMEA2000 navigation sensor network consists of the following components:Compass: SSC200GPS: GPS200Depth Speed Water: DST110Weather: WSO100Display: DSM150System Capabilities:Wind ApparentSpeed over groundCourse over groundSpeed thr... Read More
  8. What software changes have taken place with N2KAnalyzer? Maretron announces the release of the new N2KAnalyzer® V3 software.Windows user are able to download the latest version of N2KAnalyzer V3 via the following link to pair with their Maretron NMEA2000 gateway, USB100 or IPG100. Read More
  9. How do I set up My Maretron Telemetric Cloud Service? Maretron Telemetric Cloud Service (TCS) offers an extremely powerful way to send periodic data from the Maretron vessel monitoring and control system onboard your vessel to a cloud based storage service. Simply connect your Maretron Black Box (MBB200... Read More
  10. Using N2KAnalyzer, how do I recover a Maretron device? Occasionally, a device can be in "boot mode" (represented in N2KAnalyzer by an orange highlight of the device's entry in the device list). This can happen due to a software update which fails due to network problems.A Maretron device that is not... Read More
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