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  1. What configuration options are available for the FPM100? You can use the N2KAnalyzer software program or a Maretron DSM150, or Maretron DSM250 to perform the configuration. This article will show methods for configuring the FPM100 Using Maretron's N2KAnalyzer software tool. Pre-requisits:PC with N2KAn... Read More
  2. What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron FPM100? What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron FPM100 pressure monitor?Update your device using the N2KAnalyzer tool. FPM100 Firmware Versions (2018-04-27)- In tank mode, re-enable operation range checking at 4mA (20mA report 100%). 1... Read More
  3. I would like to extend my Maretron pressure sensor connections to an FPM100, what is the maximum length allowed? A FPM100 can monitor six individual pressure sensors with each sensor having a 15m field made wire extension (use 2 wire 22AWG cable).  ... Read More
  4. What information is available from the fluid pressure monitor (FPM100) and can be viewed on Maretron’s displays?  The FPM100 is capable of transmitting the following information: Pressures:Atmospheric PressureWater PressureSteam PressureCompressed Air PressureHydraulic PressureUser Defined 129 to 144Tank Types:Fuel Level, CapacityFresh Water Level, CapacityWast... Read More
  5. I see that the FPM100 has an accessory for measuring pressures in the range of -1Bar to 1 Bar. Can I use this sensor to monitor my fuel filters? Yes, the FPM100 can transmit vacuum pressure data on the NMEA2000 bus by using Maretron sensor part number PT-V-0-1BAR-01. This sensor must be installed on the vacuum side of your fuel filter to help you determine fuel filter health displayed on a Ma... Read More
  6. Is the FPM100 or CLM100 compatible with non-Maretron 4-20 mA pressure transducers? Maretron highly recommends using Maretron pressure transducers to achieve the specified accuracy.However, the FPM100 and the CLM100 will support other linear 4-20mA transducers even though Maretron cannott guarantee overall system accuracy.The 4-20mA... Read More
  7. Why do some of the FPM100 pressure transducer accessories have a small plastic tube within the cable? Some pressure transducers measure gauge pressure (pressure above atmospheric). These transducers have a small plastic vent tube enclosed in the connecting cable. Special care must be taken not to block or kink the vent tube, and not to expose the ven... Read More
  8. How do I choose the right Maretron tank monitoring product for my particular application? Maretron offers three different types of tank monitoring technologies (i.e., adapter, ultrasonic, and pressure) for monitoring fluids aboard a vessel. Selecting the correct sensor can be confusing so this article helps you choose the right tank senso... Read More
  9. Testing a 4-20mA Transducer Testing a 4-20mA Transducer both Maretron and 3rd party.Please keep in mind of all safety procedures while performing any troubleshooting. Testing transducer while still connected to NMEA2000® via Maretron FPM100 or CLM100Components requiredPC runnin... Read More
  10. Can Maretron monitor a kerosene tank? Yes! Using the Maretron FPM100 paired with either our submersible (Part # PTS-0-xPSI-01) or external (Part # PT-0-xPSI-01) pressure transducers will be able to monitor this type of fuel successfully.Kerosene has a density level of 0.81 g/cm3 or 810 k... Read More
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