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  1. What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DSM410? What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DSM410 display?Update your device using the N2KAnalyzer software tool. DSM410 Firmware Versions (2020-08-14)- Support TSM810C, TSM1210C, MBB300C configuration- For FFM100 configuration me... Read More
  2. What are the latest changes that have been made to DSM410? Revision history for the DSM410 4.1" High Bright Color Display true power off feature to improve power on sequence display invalid data in LAT/LON screen (4405)Correctly display PGN 129029 data... Read More
  3. What are the dimensions for the DSM410?  For a printable DSM410 mounting template, download the PDF under the attachments section below.  ... Read More
  4. Does Maretron offer a DSM410 Gimble mount? Does Maretron offer a DSM410 Gimbal mount?No, Maretron does not sell a DSM410 gimble mount.However, we do provide a 3D printer "STL" file (located in the attachment section below) that allows a 3D printer program to make the hardware on a 3D printer ... Read More
  5. I have configured my DSM410 or DSM250; how do I perform a backup? Now that you have configured your DSM250 or DSM410 just the way you want it. Once complete you can backup all your work using the following method:  You must have several items installed on the NMEA 2000 network and your PC to begin:USB100 or IPG100D... Read More
  6. How do I display Tank level on a DSM410? The DSM250 supports the display of information for up to sixteen tanks types (16 fuel plus 16 water,etc.).Tank sub-categories include:Capacity – displays the fluid capacity of the tankLevel – displays the level of fluid in the tank as a percentage of... Read More
  7. What software changes have taken place with N2KAnalyzer? Maretron announces the release of the new N2KAnalyzer® V3 software.Windows user are able to download the latest version of N2KAnalyzer V3 via the following link to pair with their Maretron NMEA2000 gateway, USB100 or IPG100. Read More
  8. I see that the DCR100 has a configuration feature called Operating Mode, What does this mean? DCR100 channels have two possible operating modes: “Normal”, in which the DCR100 channel responds to standard NMEA 2000 switching commands, and “Annunciator”, in which the channel may be connected to a power source for a sounder or a light to be acti... Read More
  9. Using N2KAnalyzer, how do I recover a Maretron device? Occasionally, a device can be in "boot mode" (represented in N2KAnalyzer by an orange highlight of the device's entry in the device list). This can happen due to a software update which fails due to network problems.A Maretron device that is not... Read More
  10. What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DSM250?  You can update the device with Maretron's N2KAnalyzer software tool. (2018-01-24):Correctly display invalid data in LAT/LON screen (4405)Correctly display PGN 129029 data in LAT/LON screen (4418)Fixed crashing issue in control mode whil... Read More
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