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  1. What is the supplied cable length of the TMP100 sensors; is it possible to extend the cable? Maretron thermistor probes come with 6' long wires. Yes, you can extend Maretron TMP100 sensor wires to complete temperature sensing applications throughout a vessel.In many applications technicians have extended thermistor wires up to 100 feet ... Read More
  2. Can a TMP100 be used to monitor engine coolant temperatures? Yes, a TMP100 can be installed to monitor engine coolant temperature by simply using one of the two available high temperature channels located on the TMP100. Simply order an additional Maretron TP-EGT-1 accessory for the primary purpose to monitor y... Read More
  3. What configuration options are available for the TMP100? Use the N2KAnalyzer software program or a Maretron DSM150, or Maretron DSM250 to perform Maretron Device level configuration. This article will show methods for configuring the TMP100 Using Maretron's N2KAnalyzer software tool.  Pre-requisits:PC... Read More
  4. I wish to monitor my engine’s temperatures, what sensors can I connect to a TMP100? Matretron's TMP100 has two high temperature channels uniquely designed for K-Type Thermocouple solutions. There are many applications the K-Type thermocouple sensor is well suited for such as Exhaust Gas, turbo charger charged air temperature, a... Read More
  5. How do I configure a channel on the TMP100 using Maretron’s DSM250? You configure a channel on the TMP100 in the following way. Enter menu mode, scroll to "Configuration?" and press enter. Scroll to "Device Configuration?" and press enter. Scroll to the row containing TMP100 and press enter. Select one of six channel... Read More
  6. How do I display temperature from a TMP100 on the Maretron DSM250 Display? You display temperature from a TMP100 using the DSM250 in the following way. Enter menu mode (press the enter or far right hand button), scroll to "Favorite Screen Setup…" and press enter. Scroll to the favorite screen where you would like to view th... Read More
  7. What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron TMP100? TMP100 Firmware Versions:1.1.1 (2009-02-23)- Added support for labeling so that the device can easilybe identified with a user-programmable string 1.0.3 (2008-11-10)- Allow channels to be programmed with different sourcetypes but the same instan... Read More
  8. What temperature probes are compatible with Maretron’s Temperature Monitor (TMP100)? Maretron's Temperature Monitor (TMP100) has six channels for connecting up to six temperature probes. Two channels accommodate K-Type thermocouples and the remaining four channels accommodate thermistor type temperature probes. Maretron offers b... Read More
  9. What information is available from the temperature monitor (TMP100) and can be viewed on Maretron’s displays?  The TMP100 is capable of transmitting the following information:Sea TemperatureOutside TemperatureInside TemperatureEngine Room TemperatureMain Cabin TemperatureLive Well TemperatureBait Well TemperatureRefrigeration TemperatureHeating System Temper... Read More
  10. Can I install a Maretron TMP100 EGT accessory probe downstream of the water-cooled exhaust riser or elbow? No. Maretron's EGT sensor is meant to measure the temperature of the exhaust gas temperature, not the temperature of the exhaust gas after it has been cooled by water. Placing the EGT probe downstream of the riser or elbow will render the device inop... Read More
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