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  1. Does the SMS100 allow for cellular data roaming? Does the Maretron SMS100 allow for cellular roaming? No, the SMS100 will not roam. When you leave your SIM card assigned coverage network, SMS100 status and alert text messages may not transmit successfully. Before departing an area, check your curre... Read More
  2. How do I change my N2KView operating mode? You can configure alerts to operate in one of several operating modes:Disabled – All alerts are disabled. This mode should be used when the vessel is in storage, drydock, or otherwise out of operationMoored - This mode is used when the vessel is secu... Read More
  3. How do I connect my N2KView to the IPG100? N2KView offers several different ways for connecting to a Maretron gateway (IPG100, USB100, Maretron Cloud Services).  To connect to an IPG100 on a vessel's LAN Network, please do the following:Touch the screen to display the command and screen ... Read More
  4. How do I choose the correct pressure range when specifying a pressure transducer for measuring fluid level in a deisel or water tank? Maretron offers pressure transducers with different pressure ranges. You choose a particular transducer based on the depth of the tank (assuming you install the pressure transducer at the deepest part of the tank, otherwise use the installation depth... Read More
  5. My WSO100 seems to work initially, but after working for a time the WSO100 starts transmitting high wind speeds and high temperature readings. Maretron has had customer reports of the WSO100 transmitting false high wind speed and a false high outside temperature measurement. Several factors can be attributed to this condition. First look for installations with non-certified NMEA2000 cabling... Read More
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