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  1. How do I show comprehensive bilge information on Maretron’s DSM150 or DSM250 displays? Knowledge base Article 578 showed how to do comprehensive bilge monitoring using Maretron's Run Indicator Module (RIM100) and a Switch Indicator Module (SIM100). This article shows how the monitored information from article 578 can be displayed ... Read More
  2. What does Maretron recommend for the mounting of the Bilge High Water (BHW100) sensor?    The BHW100 sensor has a etched target molded into the plastic enclosure (located opposite of the side with a Maretron label). The target should be exposed to the area of detection to monitor water ingress in monitored area or compartment. If the p... Read More
  3. What are the latest changes that have been made to N2KBuilder?  What are the latest changes that have been made to N2KBuilder?The program is also available from (, under the “Software Tools” category.  The full build number of the version is      Changes in N2K... Read More
  4. What are the voltage specifications for each Maretron device? Maretron ModelDevice DescriptionNMEA2000 Operating VoltageEngine/Battery InterfaceCLM100 P/N: M000070 Current Loop Monitor9 to 32 Volts SSC200 P/N: M000001, M000021, M000022NMEA 2000 Solid State Compass HW 1.09 to 16 Volts SSC300 P/N: M000051NMEA ... Read More
  5. Does the gas detector (Maretron part LP-200012UL) have a power supervision relay? Although some of Maretron's SIM100 accessories have built-in power supervision relays like the smoke/heat detector (Maretron part number SH-002) and carbon monoxide detector (Maretron part number CO-CO1224T), the gas detector does not have a bui... Read More
  6. Does Maretron recomend a particular propane and gas leak detector? Maretron does not recommend a particular brand propane/gas detector. The only requirement for a chosen detector is a NO/NC relay output for the device to monitored with a SIM100. Many detectors offer several options when connecting to an input chan... Read More
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