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  1. With regards to the NBE100, what is meant by a "network segment"? The NBE100 allows you to electrically break up an NMEA 2000 network into individual "network segments". Although the network segments are electrically isolated from each other, the entire network is still one large logical network. What this means is... Read More
  2. Can I use the RIM100 to indicate "Water In Fuel"? The RIM100 can be used to monitor a Parker/Racor "Water-In-Fuel Detection Kit" (Part Number RK30880E) to indicate the presence of water in the fuel filter.First, make sure the RK30880E is properly connected and working (see attachment for wiring diag... Read More
  3. What is the maximum voltage the DCM100 can sense? The DCM100 can sense voltages up to 50VDC on terminals 5 and 6.The maximum voltage that can be supplied to power the DCM100 on is 32VDC on terminals 7 and 8.Pin NumberSignal NameConnection1IACurrent Sensor, Red Wire2IBCurrent Sensor, Green Wire3ICCur... Read More
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