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  1. What changes have taken place with the latest N2KServer software? Changes in the N2KServer version embedded inside N2KView PC software programs. Refer to N2KView's Technical Service bulletins for details on software improvements.Changes in the N2KServer version 3.6.1 from version ... Read More
  2. Why is the WSO100 shaped the way it is? The WSO100 was designed from the ground up to work in the marine environment. Unlike ultrasonic wind measurement devices originally designed for land based applications where the unit is always mounted parallel with the earth, marine applications req... Read More
  3. What is J1939? J1939 is a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) networking standard that is similar to NMEA 2000. Both network protocol standards are based on the same hardware called Controller Area Network (CAN) and both protocols use the same message format. The... Read More
  4. How is J1939 different from NMEA 2000? J1939 and NMEA 2000 networks are both based on the same hardware (Controller Area Network (CAN)), and both protocols use the same message format (the messages are actually compatible and can coexist on the same network), however, NMEA uses different ... Read More
  5. What features does the DC/Battery Monitor (DCM100) have? The Maretron DCM100 has the following features.NMEA 2000® InterfaceWaterproof ConnectorsSealed Waterproof EnclosureOpto-Isolated from NMEA 2000® Eliminating Potential Ground LoopsCan monitor DC Power Sources, Transmitting Voltage and CurrentCan monit... Read More
  6. Can the FFM100 monitor water flow? Yes, The FFM100 can be used to monitor waterflow, however the FFM100 M-series sensors are not intended to be used for water flow applications. The  M-Series fuel flow sensors are compatible with fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic fluid, or other clean ... Read More
  7. My cellular provider is requesting the SMS100 IMEI number. What is a IMEI number? Where can I find this number on my SMS100? What is a device's IMEI number?"Every mobile phone, GSM modem or device with a built-in phone / modem has a unique 15 digit IMEI number. Based on this number, you can check some information about the device, e.g., the brand or model or the devic... Read More
  8. What platforms does N2KView run on, and how does the licensing work? Maretron's N2KView vessel monitoring and control software runs on dedicated hardware like Maretron's DSM800 or MBB100, or the N2KView software runs on Personal Computers (PC). Please see the file attached to the bottom of this article showi... Read More
  9. What is an NBE100? Maretron's NBE100 (Network Bus Extender) allows you to extend the maximum node count, network trunk length and cumulative drop length of any NMEA 2000® network. The NBE100 solves bus errors and other electrical issues caused by exceeding any of ... Read More
  10. How do I choose the correct pressure range when specifying a pressure transducer for measuring fluid level in a deisel or water tank? Maretron offers pressure transducers with different pressure ranges. You choose a particular transducer based on the depth of the tank (assuming you install the pressure transducer at the deepest part of the tank, otherwise use the installation depth... Read More
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