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  1. What information does the GPS100 provide? The GPS100 provides the following information:latitude and longitudetime and dateCourse Over Ground (COG)Speed Over Ground (SOG)magnetic variationsatellite informationGiven this information from the GPS100, Maretron display products (DSM150, DSM200, ... Read More
  2. What is a GPS100? The GPS100 is a 12 channel global positioning system antenna and receiver with Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) capabilities. This includes SBAS for North America (WAAS), Europe (EGNOS), and Asia (MSAS). The GPS100 provides time and date, p... Read More
  3. Which Maretron products are required for me to display true wind referenced to ground speed? In order to display true wind referenced to ground speed you will need a WSO100, a GPS200, a SSC200, and a display capable of computing true wind referenced to ground speed. The WSO100 measures the apparent wind while the GPS200 provides Speed Over G... Read More
  4. Why doesn’t Maretron offer a WSO100 with a built in GPS or compass? The WSO100 is generally placed at the highest point on the vessel so that it is not obstructed from the wind. Unfortunately, the highest point on a vessel is often the worst possible placement for a GPS or compass. Take for example a GPS mounted at t... Read More
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