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  1. What is "dead rise angle"? In the context of the DST100, dead rise angel is the angel between the bottom surface of the DST100 and the horizon. A flat bottom boat has a dead rise angle of 0°, whereas a deep V-hull might cause the DST100 to exit the vessel at an angle. The DST1... Read More
  2. How do I measure dead rise angle? There are several ways to measure the dead rise angle but perhaps the easiest way is to use a digital level; simply lay the level against the hull and read the angle.... Read More
  3. Are there any NBE100 network diagram examples? Two NBE100 network diagram examples are shown in this article. Please note that both diagrams show just one NBE100 allowing the normal NMEA 2000 network restrictions (50 nodes or products, 200m trunk line, 78m of drop length) to be doubled. It is pos... Read More
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