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  1. What is the maximum current that a single device may draw from an NMEA 2000 network? The maximum allowable current that a device is allowed to draw from the NMEA 2000 network is 1 ampere. Devices requiring more than 1 ampere of current use a separate power supply connection, which is required to be isolated from the NMEA 2000 power s... Read More
  2. How many wires are there in an NMEA 2000 cable? An NMEA 2000 cable contains five wires: two for 12 VDC power and ground, two for the data pair, and one shield wire.    ... Read More
  3. What are the basic componets of an NMEA 2000 network? Every NMEA 2000 network requires a power source or powertap, a backbone or trunk line with a terminator at each end, and two or more NMEA 2000 products connected with drops from the trunk line. You "tee" off of the backbone with drop cables to the in... Read More
  4. How do I check the health of my NMEA 2000 cabling before powering my network? Maretron recommends using an N2KMeter to properly check NMEA 2000 network health when powered and devices are operational. The N2KMeter can also provide a real-time detection of powered device communication issues such as excessive error frames, bit ... Read More
  5. How do I a create a vessel’s NMEA 2000 network file (boat file)? Creating a Boatfile provides the user a "snapshot" of all of the devices that were actively connected to the NMEA 2000 network.For every device it will provide a device's label, serial number, software version, and transmitted data.For Maretron ... Read More
  6. Is it possible to turn on or off DCM100 NMEA 2000 transmitted messages (or PGNs)? Yes, it is possible to turn on and off the DCM100 transmitted messages (or PGNs) using Maretron's DSM250 display. On the display, enter menu mode, scroll to "Configuration…" and press enter. Scroll to "Device Configuration…" and press enter. Scroll t... Read More
  7. I see that Maretron’s DSM150 and DSM250 displays have a DCM100 configuration setting called "NMEA 2000 PGN Enable/Disable..."; what is this? Maretron's DSM150 and DSM250 displays have a DCM100 configuration setting called "NMEA 2000 PGN Enable/Disable…", which is used to turn on and off specific messages that are transmitted by the DCM100.... Read More
  8. What information does the DCM100 provide over the NMEA 2000 network? The DCM100 can provide Voltage, Power, Current, Battery Case Temperature, Time remaining, Ripple Voltage, State of health, and State of charge. Review your NMEA 2000 Displays user manual to verify that above Items can be viewed.... Read More
  9. Does the USB100 convert NMEA 2000 engine PGNs to NMEA 0183 sentences? Yes, the USB100 converts some of the NMEA 2000 engine PGN information into NMEA 0183 sentences. Please refer to the document entitled “USB100 Engine Sentences.pdf”, which can be found below in the Attachments section.... Read More
  10. If the RAA100 is connected and configured to operate in the "NMEA 2000 & Analog Gauge" mode, how do I connect the wires to the back of the analog gauge? You connect the RAA100 operating in the "NMEA 2000 & Analog Gauge" mode to the gauge in the following way:connect the black wire to the gauge ground terminalconnect the green wire to the gauge sensor terminalconnect the red wire to the gauge powe... Read More
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