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  1. What components does Maretron recommend in order to view environmental information at the top of a mast? For Mast installations greater than 20 feet Maretron recommends the following items:WSO100-01 Ultrasonic Wind/Weather StationIT-CM-CF Micro Inline TerminatorDF-DB1-25.0 Mid Single-Ended Cordset - Female to Open Pigtail - 25 Meter (blue)TR-CM Micro Te... Read More
  2. Does Maretron offer a quick setup procedure for a DSM250 Anchor Watch favorite screen? DSM150 and DSM250 display with firmware version 1.4.6 or higher with factory default settings have a single anchor watch alert and favorite screen associated.Favorite screen 12 has the Anchor watch displayed.  The Anchor radius defaults to 100 Feet.U... Read More
  3. Helpful information regarding Smoke/Heat Detector - SH-449CSTE Installation notes:Smoke detectors are shipped with a plastic dust cover for use in areas where construction is on-going. Smoke detectors will not workwith the dust cover in place. Remove the dust cover when installation is completed, prior to testin... Read More
  4. What does Maretron recommend for the mounting of the Bilge High Water (BHW100) sensor?    The BHW100 sensor has a etched target molded into the plastic enclosure (located opposite of the side with a Maretron label). The target should be exposed to the area of detection to monitor water ingress in monitored area or compartment. If the p... Read More
  5. Can a J2K100 connect to a John Deere J1939 network? Yes, the J2K100 can easily be integrated to a John Deere J1939 network.Exact locations where the J2K100 will connect to the network may vary.  Find the Helm engine display and locate the Deutsch connector labeled "Engine ECU". The connector is a 3-pi... Read More
  6. Does Maretron offer any recommendations for securing NMEA 2000 cabling? Maretron cabling has been designed to withstand harsh environments during operation.Securing the cabling properly is very important to ensure long term functionality and use.Illustration 1 provides a best practices of securing cable. Maretron recomen... Read More
  7. How do I switch a relay channel on the Maretron DCR100 using a non-Maretron display? Maretron displays perform switching (on/off) of the solid-state relays in the DCR100 via the NMEA standard method of using an NMEA Command (PGN 126208) of the 127501 Binary Switch Bank Status message. The Switch Bank Indicator field, along with the I... Read More
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