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  1. How much current does the Maretron Smoke/Heat Detector (part # SH-002) draw from a power source? The smoke/heat detector requires only 70µA from a power source while standing by and monitoring for smoke or heat. The current requirement increases to 60mA once smoke or heat has been detected and the alarm is sounding. Please note that the smoke/he... Read More
  2. What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron IPG100 ? What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron IPG100 network gateway?You can update the IPG100 using the N2KAnalyzer software tool.Manually recovery/update instructions for the IPG100 can be located here Read More
  3. How can I tell if an engine or engine network requires a Maretron Gateway such as the J2K100 or a Network Bridge? Generally, marine engine CAN bus networks have one of two popular types of protocols:J1939NMEA 2000Most outboards offered since about 2006 support NMEA 2000 natively. Maretron always recommends first contacting the engine manufacturer to determine wh... Read More
  4. Can the J2K100 connect to third party protocol converters that support J1708 or J1587? Maretron's J2K100 attaches directly into J1939 networks of compatible engines, transmissions, and gensets and converts the J1939 data to NMEA 2000. For engines that offer protocols such as J1708 or J1587, users may choose to translate the engine... Read More
  5. What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron FFM100 Fluid Flow Monitor? What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron FFM100 Fluid Flow Monitor?You can update your device using the N2KAnalyzer software tool. FFM100 Firmware Versions (2020-08-26)- Update temperature compensation multiplier every 1s (in... Read More
  6. How do I configure a DCR100 channel to work as an annunciator for an N2KView Alert? The DCR100 offers two types of channel configuration:relayannunciatorThe annunciator configuration allows for N2KView to command a DCR100 channel to close a relay when an alert is configured to have an action,as shown in Figure 1 below.Figure 1.This ... Read More
  7. How do I switch a relay channel on the Maretron DCR100 using a non-Maretron display? Maretron displays perform switching (on/off) of the solid-state relays in the DCR100 via the NMEA standard method of using an NMEA Command (PGN 126208) of the 127501 Binary Switch Bank Status message. The Switch Bank Indicator field, along with the I... Read More
  8. How do I connect my N2KView to the IPG100? N2KView offers several different ways for connecting to a Maretron gateway (IPG100, USB100, Maretron Cloud Services).  To connect to an IPG100 on a vessel's LAN Network, please do the following:Touch the screen to display the command and screen ... Read More
  9. How do I perform a TLM100 quick setup for a square tank using the N2KAnalyzer program? Quick setup guide for a TLM100. The following article was written assuming you(reader) are familiar with Maretron configuration tools and products. This article is intended for advanced users and NMEA certified Technicians who require quick reference... Read More
  10. My WSO100 seems to work initially, but after working for a time the WSO100 starts transmitting high wind speeds and high temperature readings. Maretron has had customer reports of the WSO100 transmitting false high wind speed and a false high outside temperature measurement. Several factors can be attributed to this condition. First look for installations with non-certified NMEA2000 cabling... Read More
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