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  1. Why is the SSC200 compass better than other marine compasses that use fluxgate technology? The SSC200 compass is better than other marine compasses that use fluxgate technology because there are no moving parts in the SSC200. Compasses using fluxgate technology have a coil floating in a liquid, and once this coil is set in motion (vessel i... Read More
  2. What is the difference between an anemometer that uses mechanical cups and vane versus an anemometer that uses ultrasonic technology? For a discussion on the differences between mechanical and ultrasonic anemometers, please see the article entitled "Anemometer Technology.pdf" under Attachments found below.... Read More
  3. How do I switch a relay channel on the Maretron DCR100 using a non-Maretron display? Maretron displays perform switching (on/off) of the solid-state relays in the DCR100 via the NMEA standard method of using an NMEA Command (PGN 126208) of the 127501 Binary Switch Bank Status message. The Switch Bank Indicator field, along with the I... Read More
  4. Is J1939 similar to NMEA 2000 in that the J1939 network requires terminators? Yes, J1939 and NMEA 2000 both use CAN technology where network topology requires terminators on both ends of the trunk or backbone. Please refer to the application note entitled, "Interfacing J1939 Engines and/or Gensets to an NMEA 2000® Network Usin... Read More
  5. What is "Bus Errors"? The N2KMeter tracks network data transmission errors in real-time, and lets you know if the error rate is acceptable  , marginal , or unacceptable . Any error rate greater than zero is undesirable (although your network may still function since CAN a... Read More
  6. How do I choose the right Maretron tank monitoring product for my particular application? Maretron offers three different types of tank monitoring technologies (i.e., adapter, ultrasonic, and pressure) for monitoring fluids aboard a vessel. Selecting the correct sensor can be confusing so this article helps you choose the right tank senso... Read More
  7. I have installed the TLM100 and see incorrect tank levels; what does this mean?  The TLM100 uses an ultrasonic signal to determine a distance measurement from sensor to level.The tank application must be compatible with the TLMXXX measurement technology. If you have already installed a TLMXXX and received unexpected results, the... Read More
  8. With regards to the NBE100, what is meant by a "network segment"? The NBE100 allows you to electrically break up an NMEA 2000 network into individual "network segments". Although the network segments are electrically isolated from each other, the entire network is still one large logical network. What this means is... Read More
  9. What is an SSC200? The Maretron SSC200 is a solid state, magnetic compass that is capable of measuring heading, pitch, roll, and rate of turn. The information is broadcast over an NMEA 0183 connection or an NMEA 2000 network where the information is available for any o... Read More
  10. What are the voltage specifications for each Maretron device? Maretron ModelDevice DescriptionNMEA2000 Operating VoltageEngine/Battery InterfaceCLM100 P/N: M000070 Current Loop Monitor9 to 32 Volts SSC200 P/N: M000001, M000021, M000022NMEA 2000 Solid State Compass HW 1.09 to 16 Volts SSC300 P/N: M000051NMEA ... Read More
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