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  1. Can Maretron’s sensor data be displayed on a Furuno CANBUS network? Yes, much of Maretron device's data can be shown on Furuno displays with “CANBUS” functionality. Firstly, Maretron recommends that customers verify device compatibility by reviewing the Maretron product's datasheet specifically, the transmi... Read More
  2. What does Maretron recommnend to determine whether coolant water is supplied to my engine when running? Using a RIM100 channel, you can tell whether water coolant flow is feeding to the engine when the engine is running. Is some cases, the user is unaware that water is not cooling the engine until it is too late. This method below allows for an early w... Read More
  3. What is a backbone or trunk line? The backbone, or trunk line, is the main network line usually running stem to stern in the vessel. Each end of the backbone or trunk line has a termination resistor. Individual products are connected to the network using drop lines off the main backb... Read More
  4. What platforms does N2KView run on, and how does the licensing work? Maretron's N2KView vessel monitoring and control software runs on dedicated hardware like Maretron's DSM800 or MBB100, or the N2KView software runs on Personal Computers (PC). Please see the file attached to the bottom of this article showi... Read More
  5. When I try to run N2KAnalyzer, I receive an error message asking for XMLLITE.DLL. XMLLITE.dll is a file used in performance XML based applications. If the file has been damaged or removed from your system, it can be reinstalled in the following way: download and install XMLLITE.dll  using the following link Read More
  6. Does Maretron offer quick setup instructions for a dual J2K100 setup? Does Maretron offer quick setup instructions for a dual J2K100 setup?Refer to this article for help on setting up your J2K100s especially when connected to the following engine manufacturers J1939 networks:Caterpillar, John Deere, Cummins, Steyr, ECU... Read More
  7. How do I upload a config to an IPG100 for mobile devices and real time cloud? This article will guide you through the steps of uploading your N2KView configuration from your computer (MAC or PC) to the Maretron IPG100 for mobile devices and real time cloud service.While running the N2KView application on your computer and on t... Read More
  8. Testing a 4-20mA Transducer Testing a 4-20mA Transducer both Maretron and 3rd party.Please keep in mind of all safety procedures while performing any troubleshooting. Testing transducer while still connected to NMEA2000® via Maretron FPM100 or CLM100Components requiredPC runnin... Read More
  9. Duel/Split Screen Engine Display template for TSMxxx/MBBxxx Below are sample images of the attached .nvs screen files.Port Engine 1 & Stbd Engine 1 .nvs files Port Engine 2 & Stbd Engine 2 .nvs  How to load screens onto TSMxxx/MBBxxx or PC running N2KView.Copy the .nvs (Screen File) onto a USB flash d... Read More
  10. Does Maretron offer quick setup instructions for the FFM100 in a single gasoline engine application? The prerequisite for using this guide requires the use of a Windows PC and Maretron's N2KAnalyzer program installed. The hardware required for Maretron device configuration is the USB100 or IPG100 Gateway connected to a powered N2K network with ... Read More
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