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  1. What is the serial port Pinout of CAN1 and CAN 2 located on the MBB200C? The MBB200C has two separate CAN connections used for connecting to a NMEA2000 network. Use single NMEA2000 connection for a single vessels NMEA2000 network or both connections if you have installed two indapendant NMEA2000 networks you want to displ... Read More
  2. Can the J2K100 connect to third party protocol converters that support J1708 or J1587? Maretron's J2K100 attaches directly into J1939 networks of compatible engines, transmissions, and gensets and converts the J1939 data to NMEA 2000. For engines that offer protocols such as J1708 or J1587, users may choose to translate the engine... Read More
  3. What are the minimum and maximum supported display resolutions for the MBB100 VGA output? The maximum supported display resolution for the MBB100 VGA output is 1900x1200.The minimum supported display resolution is 800x480.To review your resolution settings on the MBB100, in N2KView, select the "Commands & Settings->Configuration->Scre... Read More
  4. How do I update my N2KServer license key to support multiple N2KView features? As shipped from the factory, N2KView supports one connected client (which can be N2KView running on a PC or mobile phone, a MBB100 Black Box for Vessel Monitoring and Control, TSM800/1330C (Touch Screen Display) or  DSM800 Vessel Monitoring and Contr... Read More
  5. Does the GPS100 support Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS)? Yes, the GPS100 supports Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) including the North American Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), and the Asian Multi-functional Satellite Augmentati... Read More
  6. What is the maximum rate at which the SSC200 will transmit heading from the NMEA 2000 port? The SSC200 transmits heading 10 times per second via the NMEA 2000 port.... Read More
  7. What is the baud rate of the SSC200 NMEA 0183 port? The default baud rate of the SSC200 NMEA 0183 port is 4800 baud. This can be changed to 38,400 baud if desired.... Read More
  8. Why doesn’t the WSO100 atmospheric pressure agree with my locally reported barometric pressure? The WSO100 measures atmospheric pressure, which isn't adjusted for elevation like the locally reported barometric pressure. If you use the WSO100 at sea level, then the atmospheric pressure and barometric pressure should agree, however if you us... Read More
  9. I see that some of Maretron’s SIM100 accessories have built in “trouble relays”; what is a trouble relay and why is it important? Trouble relays are being integrated into more and more safety and security equipment to provide added safety and security features. For example, a trouble relay can act as power supervision device. In this case, if the power is accidentally turned of... Read More
  10. My USB100’s COM port is in use by the navigational program on my PC. Can N2KView use the same COM port? The USB100 can only be in use by one program at a time. The remedy is to have one USB100 gateway for use by your navigational software, and a second USB100 gateway to simultaneously provide data to a vessel monitoring program, such as N2KView.... Read More
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