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  1. I know the J2K100 receives messages from the J1939 network and subsequently transmits them over the NMEA 2000 network, but does the J2K100 transmit any messages on the J1939 network? By default, the J2K100 transmits no messages onto the J1939 network. As shipped from the factory, the J2K100 only listens for J1939 messages and creates no bus traffic on the J1939 network. The J2K100 does however acknowledge received messages, which... Read More
  2. What messages (or PGNs) does the RAA100 transmit? The RAA100 transmits the following message (or PGN):PGN 127245 - Rudder (Fields: 5 - Position)... Read More
  3. What is the SMS100 Status message? Which Maretron components do I need? The SMS100 Status Message is a text message you can receive from the SMS100 containing key pieces of information regarding your vessel. When the SMS100 is installed, you can text the word "Status"  to your SMS100 cellular number and receive a respons... Read More
  4. Is there a list of NMEA 2000 messages (a message is identified by a Parameter Group Number, or PGN)? Yes, the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) publishes a list of PGNs, which can be found via this link:  ... Read More
  5. I receive an error message (this is a general error message with no ID) when I attempt to update my N2View Software; what should I do?  The error message received is due to  your N2KView  certificate expiring. This is a common issue if you miss an update. First, you want to back up all your *.* .N2K or *.*.nvs file so another location on your PC. Uninstall the N2KView program from t... Read More
  6. When I try to run N2KAnalyzer, I receive an error message asking for XMLLITE.DLL. XMLLITE.dll is a file used in performance XML based applications. If the file has been damaged or removed from your system, it can be reinstalled in the following way: download and install XMLLITE.dll  using the following link Read More
  7. Is it possible to change the rate at which the SSC200 transmits NMEA 0183 sentences? Yes, you can change how often the SSC200 transmits messages over the NMEA 0183 network. There are two ways to change the rate at which NMEA 0183 sentences are transmitted: 1) using Maretron's DSM150, DSM200, or DSM250 display, or 2) sending the ... Read More
  8. What is the maximum rate at which the SSC200 will transmit heading from the NMEA 0183 port? By default, the SSC200 transmits heading from the NMEA 0183 interface ten times per second. This can be changed to 40 times per second in one of two ways: 1) using Maretron's DSM150, DSM200, or DSM250 display (please see the respective display&#... Read More
  9. What is a J2K100? The J2K100 is a gateway or bridge between a J1939 network and an NMEA 2000 network. The J2K100 receives messages (or PGNs) from a J1939 network and converts the messages into NMEA 2000 messages (or PGNs). In some cases, J1939 messages are the same as... Read More
  10. What is J1939? J1939 is a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) networking standard that is similar to NMEA 2000. Both network protocol standards are based on the same hardware called Controller Area Network (CAN) and both protocols use the same message format. The... Read More
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