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  1. I would like to see NMEA2000 Engine and Transmission warnings on my N2K network, what J1939 diagnostic codes will the J2K100 convert? The J2K100 will convert J1939 Diagnostic SPN/PGNs to NMEA2000 Engine and Transmission Warning messages. Consult the engine manufacturer to determine if an engine will transmit these messages over the NMEA2000 bus.The following table (figure 1) provid... Read More
  2. How is J1939 different from NMEA 2000? J1939 and NMEA 2000 networks are both based on the same hardware (Controller Area Network (CAN)), and both protocols use the same message format (the messages are actually compatible and can coexist on the same network), however, NMEA uses different ... Read More
  3. What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DSM250? DSM250 firmware versions: DSM250 display invalid data in LAT/LON screen (4405)Correctly display PGN 129029 data in LAT/LON screen (4418)Fixed crashing issue in control mode while setting anchor position (4421)Corrected a... Read More
  4. Does Maretron offer quick setup instructions for the FFM100 in a single diesel engine application? The prerequisite for using this guide requires the use of a Windows PC and Maretron's N2KAnalyzer program installed. The hardware required for Maretron device configuration is the USB100 or IPG100 Gateway connected to a powered N2K network with ... Read More
  5. Which engines and generators work with the J2K100? The J2K100 works with any engine or generator that has a J1939 interface. Most modern marine engines over 150 HP (112 kW) have a J1939 interface. Please contact your engine or generator manufacturer or distributor to understand whether your engine or... Read More
  6. Who makes J1939 connectors? A predominant manufacturer of J1939 connectors is Deutsch Industrial. Please see the attached document entitled "Deutsch Controller Area Network Series Technical Manual" for more information.... Read More
  7. What marine engines are found to have J1939 capability? Following is a table showing engines and their J1939 capability.  Engine manufacturer  Controller Module J1939 Capable standard?Must Be Ordered With J1939 Capabilities. Caterpillar   ADEM III and A4/C4.4, C6.6, C9, C15, C18, C32   "Acerts series" Yes... Read More
  8. Can the J2K100 convert Volvo-Penta engine data to NMEA2000? Yes, a J2K100 can be used to convert a Volvo Penta standard J1939 messages to NMEA2000.  Prior to a purchase of a J2K100(Per engine) examine the existing cabling provided by the engine manufacturer. Engines with EVC, EDC systems can be connected to t... Read More
  9. What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DSM200? What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DSM200?Firmware updates not long planned for this model. 2011DSM200 Firmware Versions: 1.15.0 (2006-12-21)- Added support for alarms on tank levels 1.14.1 (2006-10-03)- Corrected some transl... Read More
  10. How do I perform J2K100 quick setup using the N2KAnalyzer program? Refer to this article for help on setting up your first J2K100 especially when connected to the following engine manufacturers J1939 networks:Caterpillar, John Deere, Cummins, Steyr, ECU Delphi Mefi 4-6, Crusader, MAN, Detroit Diesel, Volvo-Penta (EV... Read More
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