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  1. Why is the WSO100 wind direction incorrectly displayed on my display? The WSO100 will not show the correct wind direction if it hasn't been aligned with the boat. You align the WSO100 in one of two ways:align the post (there are three posts attaching the top of the WSO100 to the base) closest to the humidity senso... Read More
  2. The WSO100 wind speed and direction seem to change too quickly; can I slow the changes down or dampen the rate at which wind speed and direction are displayed? You set the WSO100 wind damping period using Maretron's DSM150 or DSM250 display in the following way:Enter menu mode, scroll to "Configuration…" and press < Enter >Scroll to "Device Configuration…" and press < Enter >Scroll to the row containin... Read More
  3. Can I change the direction the elbow points for a 90 degree field attachable connector? Yes, you can change the direction the elbow points for a 90 degree field attachable connector. When you assemble the field attachable connector, you can adjust the direction in which the elbow points by rotating the insert into one of the four availa... Read More
  4. What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DSM250?  You can update the device with Maretron's N2KAnalyzer software tool. (2018-01-24):Correctly display invalid data in LAT/LON screen (4405)Correctly display PGN 129029 data in LAT/LON screen (4418)Fixed crashing issue in control mode whil... Read More
  5. What type of solderless connector is ideal for connecting sensor wire to Maretron multi-channel products? A #4 Nylon Double-Crimp Insulated Ring Terminal(P/N:WT-651045) is the ideal choice when connecting sensor wire to any of Maretron's multi channel devices.The following link provides a great color selection to choose from: http://www.wiringprodu... Read More
  6. Why doesn’t Maretron offer a WSO100 with a built in GPS or compass? The WSO100 is generally placed at the highest point on the vessel so that it is not obstructed from the wind. Unfortunately, the highest point on a vessel is often the worst possible placement for a GPS or compass. Take for example a GPS mounted at t... Read More
  7. What information does the WSO100 provide? The WSO100 provides the following information:apparent wind speedapparent wind directionatmospheric pressureair temperaturerelative humidity... Read More
  8. What is a WSO100? The WSO100 is an ultrasonic wind and weather station that measures apparent wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and air temperature. Unlike other ultrasonic wind measurement devices, the WSO100 was designed specifically for the ... Read More
  9. What messages (or PGNs) does the WSO100 transmit? The WSO100 transmits the following messages (or PGNs):PGN 130306 - Wind Data (Fields: 1-SID, 2-Wind Speed, 3-Wind Direction, 4-Wind Reference)PGN 130310 - Environmental Parameters (Fields: 1-SID, 2-Water Temp, 3-Outside Ambient Air Temperature, 4-Atm... Read More
  10. What is apparent wind? Apparent wind is what the Maretron WSO100 measures and doesn't necessarily reflect what the wind is truly doing. For example, if the vessel was moving at exactly 5 knots and the wind was blowing in the exact opposite direction at 5 knots, then t... Read More
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