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  1. How do I display the J2K100 generator average AC frequency on Maretron’s DSM150 or DSM250 display? You display the J2K100 generator average AC frequency on a DSM150, DSM200, or DSM250 in the following way. Enter menu mode, scroll to "Favorite Screen Setup..." and press enter. Scroll to the favorite screen where you would like to view the frequency... Read More
  2. What is the operating frequency of the DST100? The DST100 operates at 235KHz.... Read More
  3. How do I choose the correct pressure range when specifying a pressure transducer for measuring fluid level in a deisel or water tank? Maretron offers pressure transducers with different pressure ranges. You choose a particular transducer based on the depth of the tank (assuming you install the pressure transducer at the deepest part of the tank, otherwise use the installation depth... Read More
  4. I see that the FPM100 has an accessory for measuring pressures in the range of -1Bar to 1 Bar. Can I use this sensor to monitor my fuel filters? Yes, the FPM100 can transmit vacuum pressure data on the NMEA2000 bus by using Maretron sensor part number PT-V-0-1BAR-01. This sensor must be installed on the vacuum side of your fuel filter to help you determine fuel filter health displayed on a Ma... Read More
  5. What are the specifications for the Current Transformer (CT) that comes with the Maretron AC Monitor (ACM100)?  The ACM100's current transformer specifications are as follows: Part Number: M000630Current Range: 100 AmpsOutput Ratio to Input: 1000:1 (100maAC Max)Frequency Range: 45-60HZDielectric Withstand: 1000VAC (RMS)Insulation resistance Class: .5KVFu... Read More
  6. What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DSM250?  You can update the device with Maretron's N2KAnalyzer software tool. (2018-01-24):Correctly display invalid data in LAT/LON screen (4405)Correctly display PGN 129029 data in LAT/LON screen (4418)Fixed crashing issue in control mode whil... Read More
  7. My WSO100 seems to work initially, but after working for a time the WSO100 starts transmitting high wind speeds and high temperature readings. Maretron has had customer reports of the WSO100 transmitting false high wind speed and a false high outside temperature measurement. Several factors can be attributed to this condition. First look for installations with non-certified NMEA2000 cabling... Read More
  8. Why won’t the GPS100 lock on and produce a position fix? The GPS100 may not lock on and provide a fix for several reasons. First, the GPS100 needs a clear view of the entire sky, so you need to make sure the GPS100 is not obstructed by a deck house, TV antenna, or any other object that blocks the GPS100 fr... Read More
  9. What information does the J2K100 provide over the NMEA 2000 network? As long as the engine or generator is providing the appropriate information via the J1939 interface, the J2K100 is capable of producing the following NMEA 2000 information:engine speed (tachometer)engine boost pressureengine oil pressureengine oil te... Read More
  10. If I use the J2K100 with my Onan generator that has a power rating between 4-32kW, what data can I expect to see on the NMEA 2000 network? The J2K100 provides the following information when hooked to an Onan generator with a power rating of 4-32KW:Generator Average Line-Neutral AC RMS VoltageGenerator Average AC RMS FrequencyEngine Coolant TemperatureEngine Oil PressureBattery Voltage... Read More
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