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  1. How do I make a custom NMEA 2000 cordset cable? Does Maretron offer a field attachable connector? Maretron offers several accessories that allow you to make a custom NMEA 2000 cable.It may be necessary to make a custom cable for the following reasons:Cable runs longer than 10m in lengthRouting raw cables micro/mid through bulkheads, wire trays, a... Read More
  2. How do I connect a Maretron Field Makable Connector or Field Attachable to an NMEA2000 Cable? The heart of the NMEA2000 system is the cabling infrastructure and it is vital that field connections are made correct to avoid damage to sensors or non-intelligent components such as tees, multi-ports, power-taps. Maretron offers four types of Field... Read More
  3. Should I use double-ended cordsets or should I build my own cables using bulk cable and field-attachable connectors? If possible, you should consider using overmolded double-ended cordsets since they are less expensive and they tend to be more reliable than cables made using bulk cable and field-attachable connectors. Unfortunately, overmolded double-ended cordsets... Read More
  4. Can I change the direction the elbow points for a 90 degree field attachable connector? Yes, you can change the direction the elbow points for a 90 degree field attachable connector. When you assemble the field attachable connector, you can adjust the direction in which the elbow points by rotating the insert into one of the four availa... Read More
  5. Why doesn’t the SSC200 compass transmit true heading? The SSC200 is a magnetic compass, which means that it measures the direction of Earth's magnetic field relative to the magnetic poles (magnetic heading). This is different than a gyrocompass, which measures heading relative to the Earth's r... Read More
  6. Why does the heading coming from the SSC200 appear to be in error? The SSC200 measures the Earth's magnetic field and before it will provide an accurate heading, it must understand how the Earth's magnetic field is affected (or deviates from normal) due to the ferrous metals found on the vessel. Fortunatel... Read More
  7. What is magnetic deviation? The Earth's magnetic field is distorted or deviates from normal in the presents of ferrous material. These distortions or deviations can be compensated for within magnetic compasses by calibrating them to account for this magnetic deviation.... Read More
  8. What are the latest changes that have been made to N2KView on Maretron’s Legacy Devices? Maretron announces the release of version 5.1.12 of the N2KView® NMEA 2000® Network Display Software. The program is available from ( under the Updates tab of the device that you are updating. The full build number of the ver... Read More
  9. What configuration options are available for the FPM100? You can use the N2KAnalyzer software program or a Maretron DSM150, or Maretron DSM250 to perform the configuration. This article will show methods for configuring the FPM100 Using Maretron's N2KAnalyzer software tool. Pre-requisits:PC with N2KAn... Read More
  10. How do I connect the Dometic Q-logic controller to the J2K100 for N2KView control? First, you will need to purchase or connect the Q-logic J1939 board or confirm you have one already working on board your vessel. Figure 1 illustrates what the Q-logic J1939 interface should look like.Once you can confirm the J1939 interface is conne... Read More
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