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  1. How do I display the J2K100 transmission gear on Maretron’s DSM150, DSM200, or DSM250 display? You display the J2K100 transmission gear on a DSM150, DSM200, or DSM250 in the following way. Enter menu mode, scroll to "Favorite Screen Setup..." and press enter. Scroll to the favorite screen where you would like to view the gear and press enter. ... Read More
  2. What information does the J2K100 provide over the NMEA 2000 network? As long as the engine or generator is providing the appropriate information via the J1939 interface, the J2K100 is capable of producing the following NMEA 2000 information:engine speed (tachometer)engine boost pressureengine oil pressureengine oil te... Read More
  3. What are the latest changes that have been made to N2KView on Maretron’s Legacy Devices? Maretron announces the release of version 5.1.12 of the N2KView® NMEA 2000® Network Display Software. The program is available from ( under the Updates tab of the device that you are updating. The full build number of the ver... Read More
  4. What are the latest changes to Maretron’s N2KView? Maretron announces the release of version 6.4 of the N2KView® V3 software.The Computer (PC & MAC) version of N2KView is available via the following link TSM800C, TSM810C, TSM1330C and MBB300C... Read More
  5. What information is available from the J1939 to NMEA 2000 Bridge (J2K100) and can be viewed on Maretron’s displays?  The J2K100 is capable of transmitting the following information:PGN 65030AC Generator CurrentAC Generator FrequencyAC Generator VoltageEngine parameters 127488, 127489TachometerEngine HoursCoolant PressureCoolant Water TemperatureEngine Oil Pressure... Read More
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