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  1. USB Driver Installation Errors - Code 52 & vendor.cer With the release of N2KAnalyzer 3.0.4 we introduced a new USB driver that provided better support for Windows Operating Systems 7 - 11 for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. The following errors may occur on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 installations while updati... Read More
  2. What is the supplied cable length of the TMP100 sensors; is it possible to extend the cable? Maretron thermistor probes come with 6' long wires. Yes, you can extend Maretron TMP100 sensor wires to complete temperature sensing applications throughout a vessel.In many applications technicians have extended thermistor wires up to 100 feet ... Read More
  3. Does Maretron offer any recommendations for securing NMEA 2000 cabling? Maretron cabling has been designed to withstand harsh environments during operation.Securing the cabling properly is very important to ensure long term functionality and use.Illustration 1 provides a best practices of securing cable. Maretron recomen... Read More
  4. What is the current recommended USB flash drive for VDR100? We recommend using the SanDisk Extreme CZ80 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive - Part # SDCZ80-016G-GAM46 and can be acquired through most online and local retail store locations.... Read More
  5. Can I shrink wrap the end of the pressure transducer cable? Maretron's guage type pressure transducers (0-1.5 PSI, 0-3 PSI, 0-5 PSI, 0-10 PSI, 0-50 PSI) require external venting relative to the atmospheric to operate. For our gauge sensors, the venting takes place through the end of the cable assembly. For a ... Read More
  6. What does Maretron recommnend to determine whether coolant water is supplied to my engine when running? Using a RIM100 channel, you can tell whether water coolant flow is feeding to the engine when the engine is running. Is some cases, the user is unaware that water is not cooling the engine until it is too late. This method below allows for an early w... Read More
  7. Does Maretron recomend a particular propane and gas leak detector? Maretron does not recommend a particular brand propane/gas detector. The only requirement for a chosen detector is a NO/NC relay output for the device to monitored with a SIM100. Many detectors offer several options when connecting to an input chan... Read More
  8. What IP settings does Maretron recomended for the IPG100 connection to a dedicated N2KView device (DSM800 or MBB100) to work properly? Maretron recommends the following configuration setting to successfully make a connection between N2KView running on a DSM800 or MBB100 to the IPG100. First, configure the IPG100 using N2KAnalyzer, a DSM150, or a DSM250. The procedure for configuring... Read More
  9. Should I use double-ended cordsets or should I build my own cables using bulk cable and field-attachable connectors? If possible, you should consider using overmolded double-ended cordsets since they are less expensive and they tend to be more reliable than cables made using bulk cable and field-attachable connectors. Unfortunately, overmolded double-ended cordsets... Read More
  10. What does Maretron recommend for the mounting of the Bilge High Water (BHW100) sensor?    The BHW100 sensor has a etched target molded into the plastic enclosure (located opposite of the side with a Maretron label). The target should be exposed to the area of detection to monitor water ingress in monitored area or compartment. If the p... Read More
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