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  1. What are the allowable mounting positions for the SSC200? The SSC200 can be mounted in several different ways including horizontal on a deck or platform, vertical using the bulkhead brackets, or upside down on a ceiling. Please refer to the user manual for a detailed description of mounting the SSC200.... Read More
  2. Why won’t the GPS100 lock on and produce a position fix? The GPS100 may not lock on and provide a fix for several reasons. First, the GPS100 needs a clear view of the entire sky, so you need to make sure the GPS100 is not obstructed by a deck house, TV antenna, or any other object that blocks the GPS100 fr... Read More
  3. Are there any NBE100 network diagram examples? Two NBE100 network diagram examples are shown in this article. Please note that both diagrams show just one NBE100 allowing the normal NMEA 2000 network restrictions (50 nodes or products, 200m trunk line, 78m of drop length) to be doubled. It is pos... Read More
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