Why is the SSC200 compass better than other marine compasses that use fluxgate technology?

The SSC200 compass is better than other marine compasses that use fluxgate technology because there are no moving parts in the SSC200. Compasses using fluxgate technology have a coil floating in a liquid, and once this coil is set in motion (vessel is turned or pitched and rolled), it takes some time to settle out. This is one of the reasons that autopilots tend to S-turn about a new heading as the fluxgate oscillates and finally settles on the new heading. The SSC200 uses solid state technology (no moving parts) and since there is no mass or inertia to settle after a change in heading or attitude (i.e. pitch or roll) like fluxgate technology, the SSC200 tracks the vessel heading far better.

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Posted: Thu, Jun 19, 2008 10:49 AM
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