How do I enable the MBB300C for HTML5?

Maretron's MBB300C can be used as a web server that can stream the N2KView application via HTML5, an interactive Web Service, through a LAN (Ethernet) connection.

Many 3rd Party vendors label this service slightly different, but all referring to the HTML5 Service


In order to initialize the MBB300C to populate on a connected MFD, the MBB300C will need:

*** Disclaimer ***
Please follow requirements outlined via the 3rd Party manufactures for safely connecting the MBB300C onto their LAN connection.
i.e. Garmin requires a PoE Isolation coupler to be integrated before connecting to the Garmin Marine network


Once the above setup is established



Converting from HTML5 to Local Display Mode

There are two methods for completing the service:

  1. If your MFD/HTML5 interface is still available,
  2. If your HTML5 interface device is not available
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