What is Auto Search Mode on my Maretron N2KMeter used for?

AutoSearch mode saves you time by finding the network measurements that exceed acceptable limits. It works by examining all measurements and then pinpointing any that exceed or are close to specified limits. For each problem measurement, the N2KMeter indicates the measurement's switch position number in the upper left corner of the display. Rotate the selector switch to the indicated setting to view related measurements.


To use Autosearch, follow these simple instructions:
1. Make sure the Lock switch is in the “Run” position and turn the selector switch to AutoSearch
2. If you see Smile, all measurements are within limits.
3. If you see or Frown , then read the display like this ...
“Switch setting , or and/or is close to Embarassedor Exceeds Frown
the spec limits.”
Then press and repeat the process for the next bad/marginal value. To get more detail, turn
the selector switch to the indicated position and use the buttons , , and to access related


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