How do I extract Maretron Telemetric Cloud Service data using N2KExtractor?

Extracting Telemetric Cloud Service (TCS) data from your vessel for review with N2KExtractor requires an Internet connection.

First, start N2KExtractor on your PC. Go to File->Connect to Telemetric Cloud Service (see Figure 1).


You will be prompted to enter the user name and password of your Maretron Telemetric Cloud Service account (see Figure 2).


Select the vessel you wish to extract data from (see Figure 3).


Select the time period for data analysis by sliding the blue time scale cursors or by typing the time frame directly into the Period start and stop time boxes (see Figure 4).


Click on   to get a list of all parameters stored within the cloud for the given time period (see Figure 5).




Select the parameters for analysis using the check box followed by a click on (see Figure 6).




 Click on the Map tab and then click on Plot Route, which will show the vessel's route. You can click and drag the yellow cursor within the blue time, click and drag the boat, or click and drag the yellow cursor on the graphs to correlate the vessel's position with a certain parameter within the graph (see Figure 7).




Congratulations! you have successfully extracted your vessel's historic data from Maretron's Telemetric Cloud Service (TCS)





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