Can the J2K100 connect to third party protocol converters that support J1708 or J1587?

Maretron's J2K100 attaches directly into J1939 networks of compatible engines, transmissions, and gensets and converts the J1939 data to NMEA 2000. For engines that offer protocols such as J1708 or J1587, users may choose to translate the engine's data to J1939 by using a CAN bridge that supports either standard. A protocol bridge has been identified as the TMT7839 manufactured by Canadian Automotive Instruments (CA Instruments)

Note: A wiring diagram for the C A Instruments TMT7839 is in the attachments section of this article.

Maretron does not assume any responsibility for installation, features, or converted data accuracy. 

Once you have properly connected the TMT7839 to the J1708/1587 connector located on the engine, prepare to make the J2K100 connection.

Connecting the J2K100 to the TMT7839.

 Required Parts: 

Follow the instructions supplied with the FA-CF-ST to disassemble the FA-CF-ST, as shown in Figure A below, so that you can connect the wires.


Figure A

Connect the wires from the TMT7839 to the FA-CF-ST as follows:

  1. Connect the TMT7839 violet wire to the white terminal labeled "CAN+" of the FA-CF-ST connector
  2. Connect the TMT7839 grey wire to the blue terminal labeled "CAN-" of the FA-CF-ST connector
  3. Make a DC ground connection (same connection as the TMT7839) to the black terminal labeled "GND" on the FA-CF-ST connector

Connect the FA-CF-ST,  IT-CM-CF to the J2K100 Gateway port labeled "J1939".

Once complete, the network should look similar to Figure B:

Figure B

For J2K100 configuration options, please visit this link:

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