What does Maretron recommnend to determine whether coolant water is supplied to my engine when running?

Using a RIM100 channel, you can tell whether water coolant flow is feeding to the engine when the engine is running.
Is some cases, the user is unaware that water is not cooling the engine until it is too late. This method below allows for an early warning detection that can be alerted using any one of Maretron's user interface products.

You will need the following components:

One of the following Water flow Switches:

NMEA2000 Part
A single RIM100 Channel per engine.

Wiring the switches in series.

N2KAnalyzer Configuration:
Label the RIM100 channel "Engine Coolant Flow Status".

Using a DSM150 or DSM250, select "Favorite Screens Setup..." and create a component within the favorite screen of the type "Indicator Status".
For a simple alert, select "Alerts Setup..." and create a new alert under type select "Indicator Status".

In N2KView, go to "Screens Setup...", create a component for "Indicator Status".
For a simple alert, select "Alert Setup", click "New", and then select "Indicator->Status" as the alert parameter.

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