What video system can be used with N2KView?

N2KView is designed to display data from IP cameras produced by AXIS Communications, with the exception of the "Companion Series", that provide:

Axis offers an extensive line-up of network camera solutions and video encoders.

In order to review all of the latest AXIS network cameras please visit their direct site at the link below.


*Units that have been physically tested M3113, M3114, M3343, P3301, 212, 215



In order to review all of the latest AXIS network video encoders please visit their direct site at the link below.



*Units that have been physically tested 241Q, 241S, Q7401

The three video servers allow the connection of analog cameras to the video server using co-axial cable, which then serves the video to N2KView via Ethernet. The cameras require a separate 12VDC power supply.

Connection of IP cameras requires knowledge of computer networks to allocate an IP address to each camera. The camera is identified by N2KView using this address (please refer to the N2KView User's Manual for more information). In simple networks, the IP address can be permanently set inside the camera; in more complex networks a server can dynamically allocate the IP address to the camera, and the camera addressed though its domain name.

Refer to the following article for assistance in AXIS camera/encoder setup to interface with N2KView.
- https://www.maretron.com/support/knowledgebase/phpkbv7/article.php?id=714


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