What Yanmar engine models is the EMS100 compatible with?

NOTE: The EMS100 has been discontinued and is no longer offered for sale.

The EMS100 is suitable to work with Yanmar Engines which carry the Yazaki type connector.

List of Yanmar Senders and Switches part numbers available from Yanmar:

 Sailing Engines:

Powerboat Engines:

Workboat Engines:

Note: The EMS100 wire harness (part # - EMSYRM01) connects between the engine and instrument panel. Most modern Yanmar engines use the rectangular Yazaki connector, but you should verify the type of connector prior to considering purchasing the EMS100 or associated wiring harness.

The following illustration shows Yanmar Panels compatible with the EMS100 Harness.

The following illustration shows a basic NMEA2000 network with the EMS100 and DSM150/DSM250 multi-function display.

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