What is "Bus Errors"?

The N2KMeter tracks network data transmission errors in real-time, and lets you know if the error rate is acceptable Smile , marginal Embarassed, or unacceptable Frown. Any error rate greater than zero is undesirable (although your network may still function since CAN automatically retransmits after errors). An error rate greater than 10/s indicates a problem that should be investigated. The N2KMeter uses unique technology to accurately determine which node was attempting to transmit when a bus error occurs.

Note: Node error measurements only include errors known to have occurred when the node is transmitting. Frames with corrupt ID fields, and frames that cannot be attributed to specific nodes are not included in node measurements. It is common for the sum of per-node results to
be less than the overall network values.



The CAN Error Frame

The error frame is a special message that violates the formatting rules of a CAN message. It is transmitted when a node detects an error in a message, and causes all other nodes in the network to send an error frame as well. The original transmitter then automatically retransmits the message. - www.ti.com   



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