I have installed the TLM100 and see incorrect tank levels; what does this mean?

 The TLM100 uses an ultrasonic signal to determine a distance measurement from sensor to level.

The tank application must be compatible with the TLMXXX measurement technology. If you have already installed a TLMXXX and received unexpected results, the following entries may shed light on the issue.

 The range for the TLMXXX modules are as follows:

TLM100 2" to 40"

TLM150 2" to 24"

TLM200 6" to 104"


The TLM100,TLM150, or TLM200 will transmit a dash if:

  • Level is beyond the maximum allowed range
  • Sensor signal is degraded or deflected by an object
  • Fluid is in contact with the sensor

 The TLM100,TLM150, or TLM200 will transmit a 100% if:

  • Level is at the minimum allowed range
  • Level is within the minimum allowed range
  • There is no level and Tank depth exceeds range of the device.

 The TLM100,TLM150, or TLM200 will transmit erratic readings if:

  • Tank level table has duplicate distance entries equaling the same percentage output.
  • Foam is present on the surface of the liquid.
  • Tank Baffle Foam(cube form) is installed within the tank.


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