How do I set up the EMS100 for my Yanmar engine?

In order to setup an EMS100 several things must be known.

  1. What senders have been installed on the engine?
  2. What type of engine gauge panel is installed with the engine?
  3. Where is the factory interface available for the EMS100 engine harness to tee into?

Once the EMS100 is installed and connected to the NMEA2000 bus you will need to power the engines on in-order to access the EMS100 using a DSM150 or DSM250 display.

Under the "Device Configuration" list select the EMS100.
Review the calibration options for the EMS100 and configure the device to match the Yanmar installation. Refer to the attachments at the bottom of this page for details. Note: New VDO-type tachometer gauges connect to the alternator signal. The EMS100 can be configured for the newer type tachometer by simply adjusting the tooth count.

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