What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DSM200?

What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DSM200?

Firmware updates not long planned for this model. 2011

DSM200 Firmware Versions:

1.15.0 (2006-12-21)

- Added support for alarms on tank levels


1.14.1 (2006-10-03)

- Corrected some translation issues in Dutch language support


1.14 (2006-09-11)

- Added ability to use a DST100 for inside temperature by choosing “Display Settings->DST100 Inside Temp” menu


1.13.1 (2006-08-03)

 - Corrected a problem with tank names not always appearing


1.13.0 (2006-06-30)

- Corrected a problem where firmware version numbers were reported incorrectly


1.12.1 (2006-06-13)

 - Fixed a problem where the display would freeze if a favorites screen included fluid level for a tank which was disabled in the “Enable/Disable Devices” menu


1.12.0 (2006-05-25)

- Added support for multiple languages (English, Dutch (Nederlands))


1.11.0 (2006-04-19)

- Removed Wind Direction->Compass Point display type

- Corrected a problem where the units of alarm threshold values did not reflect selections on the Units menu

- Made clarifications to the different types of wind references

- Changed so that backlight is now off by default on newly flashed devices

- Added north up compass rose option to COG display

- Added “Head Up” compass display type

- Changed "Compass" type to "Compass (North Up)" and "Compass (Head Up)"

- Added support for PGN 65030 (Generator Basic AC Information - J1939)

- Added support for configuration of J2K100 gateway devices

-Added support for configuration of WSO100,TLA100,RAA100,EMS100 devices

- Added Fuel Management capability

- Added weather screen

- Added 1-7 days Line graph display type for Barometric pressure

- Added auto scaling with unit selection for gauge minimum/maximum values

- Add Bar graph display type for trim tabs

- Added support for invert installation setting for SSC200

- Added support deviation without accelerometer for SSC200 for large vessels

- Improved the wind gauge

- Remove decimal point for Outside Humidity

- Removed rudder gauge in favor or order/angle gauge

- Added new flow rate units

- Added moon phase display

- Added support for compass directions "NW", etc.

- Implemented Rudder Angle & Order display type

- Fixed a problem where where the Bearing, Origin to Destination display title said Bearing Between Marks

- Removed the gauge display type for parameters for which it was not approipriate

- Corrected a problem where menus were not valid when resetting into demo mode

- Pointer now disappears when no data present

- Changed so that incoming tank level data with no instance number is treated as instance 0

- Added Tank Type to Tank Gauge Display

- Changed Tank Level display to semicircular fuel gauge display

- Improved appearance of  pointer on large gauge display

- Removed Wind Beaufort Display and Head/Lift Display

- Added True Wind Direction/Speed Calculations

- Improved appearance of  pointer on Rudder Gauge Display

- Improved graphics drawing routines

- Fixed problem with magnetic variation data updating


1.10.5 (2005-09-20)

- Updated supported version of NMEA 2000 protocol to 1.200


1.10.4 (2005-08-10)

- Added kPa as a support unit for pressure readings


1.10.3 (2005-07-22)

- Added support for receiving humidity and temperature readings via Environmental PGN 130311 from different devices

- Added support for configuration of rate of transmission of periodic messages for the WSO100


1.10.2 (2005-07-01)

- Corrected information in the Manufacturer’s Information field of the 126998 Configuration Information PGN


1.10.1 (2005-31-05)

- Corrected a display problem that occurred when existing the SSC200 Magnetic Deviation Status screen, and then entering the SSC200 NMEA 0183 Settings menu


1.10 (2005-17-05)

- For SSC200 magnetic deviation calibration, removed the beep on every turn completion

- Made improvements to the demo mode

- Change wording in the SSC200 rate of turn zero offset menu

- Improve finding of devices

- Changed so that heading and magnetic variation can be received from different devices

- Changed so that speed over ground and speed through water can be received from different devices

- Corrected altitude display in GPS status screen

- Added ability to program rate of transmission of periodic messages in devices that support the capability

- Corrected problems in GPS100 configuration menus

- Increased resolution of Sea Temperature


1.9 (2005-01-05)

- Improved button press recognition

- Improved the device selection menu

- Now use message boxes to display certain warnings

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