What are the operating modes of the DSM250?

The DSM250 operates in one of two operating modes. These two modes are called the Menu mode, and the Favorite Screen Mode. Once the DSM250 is powered up and the disclaimer has been acknowledged, the DSM250 starts in the favorite screen mode. At any time, you can enter the menu mode by pressing the enter key, which is the far right key. To learn more about the different menus, please consult the DSM250 user manual or check out the other video tutorials. Let’s back out of the menu mode using the back button, the second button from the left, so we can learn more about the favorite screen mode. While in favorite screen mode, you can scroll through each favorite screen using the up or down arrow. Notice that the far left, bottom corner shows a number indicating the favorite screen currently displayed. You can totally customize each screen for the information that is important to you. Up to 16 favorite screens are available for customization. There is another important indicator in the bottom left hand corner of the display. Notice the DSM250 is currently in the Manual mode, which means the up and down arrows keys need to be pressed in order to cycle through the favorite screens. Alternatively, you can place the DSM250 into an automatic mode where the DSM250 automatically cycles through the screens. Change the favorite screen mode from manual to auto by entering the menu mode, scroll to the Favorite Screen mode menu item and press the enter key. Use the up or down arrow to change the mode from manual to auto and press the enter key, which returns the DSM250 to the favorite screen mode. Now the DSM250 will automatically cycle through the favorite screens. You can even set the DSM250 to remain on a particular favorite screen for a set time from one second to three minutes. While in auto mode, you can still go to a particular screen by pushing the up or down keys. Once the set time has elapsed for that particular screen, the DSM250 will continue to automatically scroll through the favorite screens.

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