What components does Maretron recommend in order to view environmental information at the top of a mast?

For Mast installations greater than 20 feet Maretron recommends the following items:

  • WSO100-01 Ultrasonic Wind/Weather Station
  • IT-CM-CF Micro Inline Terminator
  • DF-DB1-25.0 Mid Single-Ended Cordset - Female to Open Pigtail - 25 Meter (blue)
  • TR-CM Micro Termination Resistor
  • CM-CF-CF Micro Tee Male (left) / Female (bottom) / Female (right)
  • CF-SPWR05-CF Micro/Mid Powertap Tee - FM (left)/ 5 Meter 4 Wire Power drop (bottom)/FM (right)
  • DSM150-01 Monochrome Display
  • DM-DG1-DF-01.0 Mid Double-Ended Cordset - M to F - 1m (gray)
  • FA-CM-ST Micro/Mid Field Attachable Connector (Straight Male)

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