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What messages (or PGNs) does the SSC200 transmit?

The SSC200 compass transmits the following messages (or PGNs):

  • PGN 127250 - Vessel Heading (Fields: 1-SID, 2-Heading Sensor Reading, 3-Magnetic Heading Correction 4- Magnetic Heading Correction 5-Heading Sensor Reference)
  • PGN 127251 - Rate of Turn (Fields: 1-SID, 2-Rate of Turn)
  • PGN 127257 - Attitude (Fields: 1-SID, 2-Yaw 3-Pitch , 4- Roll)
  • PGN 127258 – Magnetic Variation (Fields 1-SID, 2-Variation Source, 3-Reserved, 4-Age of Service, 5-Variation)
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