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How do I install my SIM Card in the SMS100?

Maretron SMS100 SIM Card Installation/Removal


  1. Disconnect and remove your SMS100 from the NMEA2000® network.

  2. Flip over the SMS100 revealing the 4 qty #1 Phillips screws, please unscrew all four and open the housing.

  3. Locate the SIM card storage location and slide in the appropriate direction to OPEN the SIM card tray

  4. Locate your SIM card provided by your carrier and detach as shown to support the standard SIM card size if multiple options are available.

  5. Insert the SIM card as illustrated below, with the notch facing up and towards the installer.

  6. Once the SIM card is secure, lock the SIM card tray as marked.

  7. When adding the housing back in place, verify the gasket is in place and match up the alignment tabs to the appropriate side.

  8. Secure the housing with the 4 qty screws you have removed previously.

  9. Once complete, install/reinstall your SMS100 unit into your NMEA2000® network.

  10. You can now test your connectivity via Maretron N2KAnalyzer or DSM series display.

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