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Connecting MBB300C to Garmin Network

Maretron has partnered with Garmin® in order to introduce the N2KView® platform as a Garmin OneHelm® service.

This will allow a single Maretron Black Box computer, such as the MBB300C, to populate the highly customizable N2KView Vessel Monitoring and Control software across all Garmin MFDs connected to the Garmin Marine Network.

As illustrated below, is an example of implementing the MBB300C onto the Garmin Marine Network by either connecting to the Garmin GMS 10® network switch or can be plugged directly into the network connection port of a Garmin MFD or Black Box station.

It is highly recommended to install a PoE blocker between the MBB300C and the Garmin systems.

Once you Maretron MBB300C system is connected to the Garmin LAN, settings need to be enabled on the MBB300C in order to populate as an HTML5 server to the Garmin systems. Please refer to the following article for this procedure.


Garmin Parts List

Garmin Marine Network Cable PoE Isolation Coupler
- Part #: 010-10580-10

Garmin GMS10 Switch
- Part #: 010-00351-00

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