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How do I upload a config to an IPG100 for mobile devices and real time cloud?

This article will guide you through the steps of uploading your N2KView configuration from your computer (MAC or PC) to the Maretron IPG100 for mobile devices and real time cloud service.

While running the N2KView application on your computer and on the same network as your IPG100, wired or wirelessly.

  1. Tap on the display to reveal the tabs and select Commands & Settings

  2. Within the Commands & Settings options, please select Configuration

  3. Within the Configurations options, please select NMEA2000® Connection

  4. Within the NMEA2000® Connections window
    • Identify and select your IPG100 [SN:162XXXX] found at (IP Address)
    • Select tab labeled Use Selected as 1st Connection
      • If your IPG100 has a connection password, please enter this value into the Password field
    • Select tab in lower right labeled Connect

    ** You may receive a message, as illustrated above, if an N2KView license key is not present. You are still able to continue with the upload, you will just not be able to review any live NMEA2000 data.
    ** If a license key is present, your screen will say Connected to IPG Serial #, as illustrated below

  5. Once you have established a connection to the IPG100, you will receive a confirmation status of Connected to (IPG100 SN)

  6. Close the NMEA2000® Connection window

  7. You will navigate back to the Configurations window, please select option labeled Save Configuration

  8. Navigate to the section Send Configuration to IPG100, the active N2KView Configuration with name is listed below.
    Select the IPG100 or cloud user listed from the Devices drop-down menu.
    Select tab Send Configuration

  9. Once the transfer is complete, you will receive a confirmation. Select OK to continue.

  10. Close the Save Configuration window and you will be navigated back to the standard N2KView page.

  11. Please visit the following article for loading the N2KView configurations onto your mobile devices.

 If you have any additional questions, please contact our support team at (866) 550-9100 or via email at


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