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Duel/Split Screen Engine Display template for TSMxxx/MBBxxx

Below are sample images of the attached .nvs screen files.

Port Engine 1 & Stbd Engine 1 .nvs files


Port Engine 2 & Stbd Engine 2 .nvs



How to load screens onto TSMxxx/MBBxxx or PC running N2KView.

  1. Copy the .nvs (Screen File) onto a USB flash drive from your computer.

  2. Insert USB flash drive into the Maretron device. You will be prompted with a message that a drive has been detected. Select OK.

  3. Tap on the display, select tab labeled Commands & Settings

  4. Select tab labeled Screens Setup

  5. Select tab option labeled Import Screen

  6. Select radial button labeled Removable Disk

  7. Select the desired file you want to import, and select tab labeled Load

  8. Continue this process until all screens have been imported.

  9. Select tab labeled Save to exit screen setup console
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