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How to add N2KView to Windows Startup

This procedure is applicable for Windows® 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.


To open the “Startup” folder the easy way, just hit Windows+R to open the “Run” box, type “shell:startup,”
and then press Enter.



This will open a File Explorer window right to the “Startup” folder.



Right-click the desktop shortcut of Maretron N2KView and select copy.


Navigate back to the startup folder, right-click and select paste.


You have successfully added the Maretron N2KView to the startup procedure of this PC!


Close the Startup folder, start the Maretron N2KView application and accept the disclaimer.


Tap on the screen to view tabs and select Commands & Settings on right-hand side of display.


Select settings tab labeled Configuration


Select configuration tab labeled General


Enable checkbox for Bypass Initial Power On Disclaimer and Fuel Management Warning Popup Windows


Accept the Warning Disclaimer by selecting OK


Select Save at bottom of window


Select Close to exit settings window


N2KView will now boot on PC startup and load to main screen.


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