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I have an AT&T SIM card inserted in my SMS100, how do I perform a test message for my cell account?

If you are expiriencing dificulty receiving a status message from your SMS100, perform the next steps locally using Maretron configuration tools like the N2KAnalyzer or a DSM product.


Messaging-SMS Instructions:

1. Unplug the SMS100 from the NMEA2000 network and plug the NMEA2000 connector in after 30 seconds on if the device is not currently in use.

2. Next, using the N2KAnalyzer or Maretron display create a text message using the test menu within the SMS100 device configuration menu.

Please make sure you are testing the resolution while the customer is a separate device when possible.

Note: Text messages can be sent and received while the customer is on the device, but it may be slower.

 3. Type "text" or "test" in the body of the message.

Note:  Failure to include one of these words in the body of the message will cause the test to fail.

 4. Send the message with short code "151" as the destination.

Note:  This is a free SMS message test.

 5. Allow up to five minutes for an automatic reply back to the device.

If you receive the message "Thank you for choosing AT&T. Text Messaging is working for your account." text messaging is working on your account.

 6. If no message is received, or an error message is received please contact Customer Care.


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