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Does Maretron offer a DSM410 Gimble mount?

Does Maretron offer a DSM410 Gimbal mount?

No, Maretron does not sell a DSM410 gimble mount.

However, we do provide a 3D printer "STL" file (located in the attachment section below) that allows a 3D printer program to make the hardware on a 3D printer at home or ordered through a manufacture service online. Simply search for a 3D printer service in your area. 

Note: Additional hardware is required to secure the printed DSM410 gimbal housing to the Gimbal mounting bracket shown assembled with a DSM410 unit below. 

Note: You will need the following additional hardware items for final assembly:

Quantity x2: Square-Head Cup-Point Set Screws, Thread 1/4"-20, Length 3/4" Figure A

Quantity x2: Reinforced Plastic Knurled-Head Thumb Nuts, Thread 1/4"-20, length 23/64" Diameter 3/4" Figure B

Quantity x4: Polyelastetomer Cushioning and sealing washer. Figure C




 Here is what your printed parts should look like. 

"D" shown here using file "dsm410gimbalhousin2.2.stl"

"E" Shown here using file "dsm410gimbal_mount_2.1.stl "

Here is what your  Gimbal project should look like completed.  


Please note: Results will very depending on 3D printer type, Material, layer height, color, and environmental exposure. Study the different materials offered by the 3D printer vendor prior to purchase. 

The above design was created using a Mendelmax 3 printer with Color Black ESun ABS, 200µm layer. The ABS was finished in gloss by enclosed exposure to Acetone for etching. Information about the process can be fond on web or special order by printer servicer.  



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