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I wish to monitor my engine’s temperatures, what sensors can I connect to a TMP100?

Matretron's TMP100 has two high temperature channels uniquely designed for K-Type Thermocouple solutions. 

There are many applications the K-Type thermocouple sensor is well suited for such as Exhaust Gas, turbo charger charged air temperature, and Exhaust Manifold. A sensor can be located online by simply searching "K-Type". Here are some images of K-Type thermocouples you may find online:

  • Sealed waterproof threaded probe ideal fro boiler tank monitoring.


  • Ring probe sensor, I deal for non-invasive thermo-transfer monitoring.  

  • Bolt style sensor 1/8" NPT, ideal for surface threaded monitoring.

  • Flange style immersion sensor probe, ideal for sealed applications.


  • See here in figure 1 the monitoring of hot exhaust gas fore each engine cylinder .


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