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How do I connect the Dometic Q-logic controller to the J2K100 for N2KView control?

First, you will need to purchase or connect the Q-logic J1939 board or confirm you have one already working on board your vessel. Figure 1 illustrates what the Q-logic J1939 interface should look like.

Once you can confirm the J1939 interface is connected and working, connect the J2K1000 between the Q-logic and the NMEA2000 network refer to Figure 2.


Figure 1 will show a green WAGO connector labeled CAN on the Dometic PCB, connect CAN+ to the J2K100 supplied connector lebeled CAN-H terminal colored white.

Connect the CAN- to blue terminal of the supplied field connector labeled CAN lo colored Blue. Finally connect the GND of the green terminal to the GND labeled terminal of the field connector colored black.  

You will need to configure the J2K100 to the appropriate source address found within the J2K100 configuration menu using N2KAnalyzer or DSM250.



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